You have just arrived to the virtual HELP Institute
One word says what we are all about, HELP.
We Are Community Problem Solvers
We are Leaders, Advocates, Organizers, Volunteers & Philanthropists
We are HELP.
HELP Institute!!!

 HELP Institute
We are declaring war on poverty, hunger, homelessness, disaster, illness, injury, injustice, inaction, indifference, addiction & dis-ease.

We are assembling a special forces team to HELP advocate, case manage and extract the civilian casualties from out of HARMs way and into the safe haven of the HELP Command Center. We HELP to provide solutions for community problems.

NOTE: Please wear a helmet (since ideas are flying all around you & we don't want your head hurt) and safety glasses (some of the ideas appear rough, but since they are very intricately thought out  we will sand the edges & apply the finish for you) while on this domain, since the domain & the programs, business and project are under heavy construction, organizing, programming, publishing, publication, editing,  funding & general development  by HELP Institute.
Again please wear safety equipment while we build around YOU.
Also please keep in mind we have not yet acquired someone to sweep, dust & mop our site.

If you're looking to HELP your community, to HELP others and HELP your-self, we invite you to act-ivate your-SELF and enlist <--(not yet activated). Do it for the General Good of your community.

 We Are an Inter-Active DoorWay to  HELP
The Extraction Team (Below)

The Extraction Team (Above)
Case Manager, Peer Advocate, Consumer & Program Manager

HELP Institute - HELP others & you HELP your-SELF
If you need HELP go here for our 4-HELP portal.

If you are part of a group or an organization that has programs to HELP go here to our 2-HELP portal.

If you're a philanthropist, volunteer, advocate, program manager, case manager, mentor or peer, executive director, social worker, some form of director/organizer or you ARE just a concerned and HELP-full BEING, please HELP by joining with us to HELP Institute and fulfill the mission by joining here!

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