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We HELP Institute Transformation. We transform the dis-abled into super en-abled by matching them with en-ablers so they become able bodied. We transform Volunteers into super-volunteers, by HELPing them develop their superpowers to become part of superhero teams. We HELP communities, municipals & organizations.

We are a peoples militia, a grassroots movement, armed with awakened minds, spirits and bodies. We are warring on the plagues of communities which doom them to extinction. When individuals crumble, so do the communities that they are an integral part of, because the individuals are the very foundations of communities. So we are working for self-sufficiency for all.

We are peaceful warriors, Mohandas Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Mother Theresa & Many others would have willingly joined our ranks. But we are fierce fighters nonetheless. Many of us are even zealots for the HELP Institute. We apply spiritual/social forms of Jujitsu & Aikido against our enemies. We utilize all our Weapons of Mass Construction (WMCs) effectively to wage war. We work the land, sea, air and space (both inner & outer) to HELP communities. We realize that the word community is based upon the word commune or divining. So by becoming aware and by getting in touch with who we are, why were here & how we can HELP communities is how we become one with the source of all that there is and to become an integral part of those communities we serve.

Battle Plan - We HELP create the neo (new) warrior, the SELF-HELP advocate/volunteer/mentor/philanthropist. This process enables a being with a problem in our communities to transform thru a series of sequenced programs to result as a community solution. Thereby creating both a pathway for transformation and an experienced guide to HELP lead guided & meaningful tours through the whole process, both for those that need the process to HELP them and for those that would like to HELP to better view and understand the problems within our communities. Thus transforming what some may view as community deficits into community assets. What a great way to see a positive ROI (Return On Investments) from within the community. We are creating functionality from the dysfunctional-ified (sorry Bush created Bushisms, so to counter this we have created HELPisms)
Mission - Our Mission (and yours if you choose to HELP) is to HELP others that are not able to HELP them-Selves.

THE 5 Cores Essentials of Living

The 1 Stop Nexus & Bridges
HELP Assistive devices, en-ablers for the dis-abled

Operations - Operation Advocacy Tree, Operation 1st Aid, Operation National Guardians, Operation Generation De-Gap, Operation Volun-Tier,
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HELP Institute - HELP others & you HELP your-SELF
If you need HELP go here for our 4-HELP portal.

If you are part of a group or an organization that has programs to HELP go here to our 2-HELP portal.

If you're a philanthropist, volunteer, advocate, program manager, case manager, mentor or peer, executive director, social worker, some form of director/organizer or you ARE just a concerned and HELP-full BEING, please HELP by joining with us to HELP Institute and fulfill the mission by joining here!