Much More Coming soon!

Please wear a hardhat while on this domain, since both the domain & the program are under heavy construction, publication, organizing,  funding & development.

Thank You!


This is the brain of the HELP Institute. The Computer program that matches people with programs & programs to people. This is where the Doorway to HELP (The Inter-NET) meets the HELP Safety NET (Our Intra-NET), the HELP Database (The Bridge) & the HELP core Program (The Cerebral Cortex). To HELP match community problems to community solutions.

What you see above is presently a virtual vision and not a physical location just yet....

As of right now this is truly a work in progress. In truth it is currently one being with an old computer trying to get others in the community to HELP. For 21 years this being has been a community advocate, organizer and guide, mapping out the community around his being, to find services and programs for others that need them. Performing one on one advocacy and HELP to those in need of HELP. This being has been the eyes for the blind, the ears for the deaf, the voice for the mute, and has loaned whatever other parts of his-self to others that were in need, like a HELPing Hand.

This being does have quite a network of people ready to be activated once certain community triggers have been set into motion. Imagine a scavenger hunt where pieces of a puzzle have been hidden around a community. He has rolled over many boulders trying to acquire the pieces to show others the completed puzzle. Maybe you are sitting on one of the necessary pieces right now?....