HELP Institute
One word says what we are all about, HELP.

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Commander In Chief
What can we say, this is the source from where everything came from and everything goes to. This essence sent a messenger  to carry an image of the HELP Institute and deliver it as medicine to the General Good just before the General Good was enlisted and had begun the battle from the trenches, thru the wide variety of command centers he encountered, Until  he was commissioned and established the HELP Institute command center right in the center of the current field of battle for triage missions.

Source & Creator
Choose any avatar you deem appropriate or none at all.

HELP Institute
The MEDIC is both a HEALER & an ALCHEMIST capable of healing and transforming ordinary people and the disabled into super-Beings. Currently the MEDIC is treating the injured in a field hospital in the middle of the war zone. She has become  a healing/transformation center...
Ever watch M.A.S.H.?
Her name is HELP Institute, she is a field doctor  and a full fledged nurse practioner.

HELP Institute
General Good *
Once this avatar was just a civilian, but he was injured on the battlefield during a collateral damage strafe. He needed a medic, so the creator sent an angel in the form of an image of the HELP Institute (the MEDIC) which then transformed and took the form of a nurse practioner. Then civilian good was asked if he needed healing. He responded with, "yes please". Once healing began he became aware of the many other wounded and dying out upon the battlefield.  So he started his triage. He could not carry them all to safety so he began to set up a perimeter and a field hospital where the MEDIC could HELP any and all that she could. Since he was already privately fighting in a hidden war, he was asked by the creator if he wanted to enlist & become a National Guardian. He again responded with a, "Yes Please", and then become a private in the National Guardian army. In the field he acquired on the job training, quickly becoming a combat engineer & bridge-builder and started applying his new skills to where they were vitally needed.
Since there were very limited resources around, he began to forage around the battlefield looking for supplies and chanced upon a sniper rifle. Now empowered With his enhanced vision, he began to look very closely at everything & anything all around him. He could now pick off his enemies long before they could know what even hit them, since he had to defend all those he was HELPing. He had a very limited supply of ammo so he had to pick and choose where and when to shoot. His sniper scope also HELPed magnify his perceptions and awareness from all his senses. He also went back out to enhance the perimeter and to set up methods to slow down the advancement of HARMs troops & to speed up the advancement of HELP...
more to come...


Major Intell *
This is our Intelligence Expert.
Major Com *
This is our Communications Expert.
*Note- These avatars are not physical beings, they are more like spiritual beings. They are symbols or  ideals that their real life counterparts have taken into their-self to transform their-self into becoming better community HELP-Full super-beings.

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