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One word says what we are all about, HELP.

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Battle Plan - We HELP create the neo (new) warrior, the SELF-HELP advocate/volunteer/mentor/philanthropist. This program allows a being with a problem in our communities to result as a community solution. Transforming what some may view as community deficits into community assets. What a great way to see a positive ROI (Return On Investments) from within the community. We are creating functionality from the dysfunctional-ified
Mission - Our Mission (and yours if you choose to HELP) is to HELP others that are not able to HELP them-Selves.

HELP Assistive devices, en-ablers for the dis-abled

Operations - Operation Advocacy Tree, Operation 1st Aid, Operation National Guardians, Operation Generation De-Gap, Operation Volun-Tier,
Events -Launch Day
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HELP Institute - HELP others & you HELP your-SELF
If you need HELP go here for our 4-HELP portal.

If you are part of a group or an organization that has programs to HELP go here to our 2-HELP portal.

If you're a philanthropist, volunteer, advocate, program manager, case manager, mentor or peer, executive director, social worker, some form of director/organizer or you ARE just a concerned and HELP-full BEING, please HELP by joining with us to HELP Institute and fulfill the mission by joining here!